Server support you can actually rely on

Don’t leave your website, web apps and mobile apps on the mercy of unpredictable server behavior.

Support to take care of preventable problems

Most of the excruciating server -related problems are easily preventable. They escalate into bigger problems because they are not nipped in the bud. Our expert team can recognize the signs of the impending problem and take care of it immediately.

Embrace new technology with confidence

Need to update server software? Need better scripts for cron jobs? Want to install security patches and updates? Want later software, for example, upgrading your WordPress installation? No need to run from pillar to post. Our dedicated server support team can take care of it all.

Spend your precious time on your business, not on server management

Server management is a full-time job. You need specialized tools. You need years of experience. You need to be able to read the tell-tale signs. There are thousands of monitoring tools to choose from and you need to decide which is the best tool suited to your specific server support requirement. Stop worrying. Let the professionals take care of your server. 24 x 7 support.

24 x 7 server monitoring and emergency support

Regular backups

Your enterprise software and data are very precious. If you lose them, they can bring all your operations to a halt. Don’t let hacker attacks, software bugs, system crashes and natural disasters destroy the wealth of data you have gathered over the years. We will automatically and manually take regular backups of your precious software applications and data with most reliable technologies.

Server recovery

Need a reliable team to recover from a hacker attack, a virus or a server crash? Our support team can retrieve all your data from the depths of the destruction and help your resume your business operations as soon as possible.

24 x 7 surveillance

As the age-old proverb goes, prevention is always better than cure. Save your organization thousands of dollars by letting a professional server management team take care of your server and avoid disasters that can cripple your organization for a long time.

Server migration and optimization

Need to move all your applications and data to another server? Want to change from Linux to Windows or Windows to Linux? Want to make sure that your server runs in its optimized condition? We can help you migrate to a new server or optimize your existing server without disrupting your ongoing business operations.

Upgrades and installations

Your web applications and mobile apps constantly depend on the operating system, software applications and databases that are running on your server. They need to be kept up-to-date. But sometimes, upgrading your existing operating system or associated software and database setups can be highly intricate exercise. Our experts can handle these jobs seamlessly.

Multiple server environments

We can keep your servers up and running whether they are running on Linux, Windows Server, Solaris, FreeBSD or Mac OS X Server.

Outstanding but totally tailored server management

Relentless server support with guaranteed 99.99% uptime. You just use the server, leave the rest to us.

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