Get users for your app, fast

Give a super start to your mobile app with an impactful mobile app marketing campaign

Reach your mobile users where they are

Have targeted mobile app marketing strategies for multiple Internet platforms like social media, app stores, online forums, blogs, email and social networking websites and apps.

iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile app specialists

Doesn’t matter which operating system or mobile phone environment you want to target. We can create tailor-made mobile app marketing strategies for all mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile.

Proactive marketing strategies totally tailored to your needs

At Quintuple Solutions marketing doesn’t mean simply creating noise. Through our strategic marketing we broadcast very clear, accurate messages to your target audience to make them aware about your app and selling its irresistible benefits.

360-degree mobile app marketing plan

Pre-launch marketing plan

Effective mobile app marketing begins even before you have launched your mobile app. An audience must be waiting for your mobile app in anticipation to give you the initial needed push and speed up user acquisition.

App launch strategy

Launching an app is an important event that must be promoted through all available channels. We will generate the right buzz and positive curiosity that can be leveraged by every new app when people haven’t made any opinion about it.

Pre-launch and post-launch awareness campaigns

The success of your mobile app depends a lot on how well people are made aware of the features and benefits of downloading and installing your app and learning to use it. We will help you disseminate lots of educational content in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics and social media updates to make sure maximum number of people know about your app’s features.

App Store Optimization

App Store optimization can be a big factor behind your app’s success. People should be able to find your app easily under the right category and for the right search terms. We can help you optimize your listing so that maximum number of prospective users can easily find your app on different app stores.

PPC app marketing

PPC marketing is one of the quickest and the most effective ways of getting targeted traffic to your mobile app landing page. You can start getting targeted traffic in 15 minutes. But PPC marketing is fraught with unpredictable expenses if it is not managed well. Quintuple Solutions can improve your ROI by optimizing your PPC app marketing campaigns.

Organic app marketing

Organic app marketing takes time and effort but in the long run, you reap great rewards. It means organically creating a presence for your mobile app using search engine optimization and social media optimization and creating naturally-generated inbound traffic that is sustainable and much more economical.

Mobile app marketing that always works

Research-based, market-tested, totally logical mobile app marketing that always delivers great results.

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